Classic Collision Atlanta Sickening #80

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I would like to begin by apologizing to the African American Community, for what they are about to read. I will not be responding to this person. Their post is just a means of leaving a trail for the police.

I busted Manfred Kammerer, the owner of Classic Collision Body Shops, for being connected to the person who wrote the following post. It is extremely racist.

If you read posts #65 & #68, which are listed 3rd & 4th on this site…you will see the connection.

This site portrays that I have exposed Manfred Kammerer, for the SEXUAL PREDATOR that he is…and he is now trying to intimidate me it stopping…STOPPING HIM FROM DOING WHAT HE DID TO ME, TO OTHER WOMEN.

This turned racist because I mentioned that Manfred Kammerer asked one of his managers if she was s—ing all of the big black d—- in the shop…because she was polite to everyone. Once again, Manfred assumes that people are only nice to people of the opposite sex when they are interested in them sexually or have an ulterior motive…because, that is the way Manfred Kammerer conducts himself.

Here is one of ten posts that I received yesterday.

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Nobody will hire you in Mexico to dig ditches either Engrid.

Don’t do something stupid like that, you’ll end up a sex slave in some cartel asshole’s mansion. Mexico is a turd world shit hole, just like all the other brown countries that populate this miserable rock.

I just got back from Africa BTW, my former home. The little country Mugabe ran into the ground.

Fuck the blacks, they took a prosperous bread basket ran by.. WHITES and ruined it all in the name of diversity. I can’t stand to see my childhood home ruined by those fucking niggers. Entire cities have been reduced to rubble over there by machete weilding darkies who think thought they could do a better job than the white farmers.

Guess what? As was proven countless times over the span of human history dark skinned people have reverted to living like the tribal apes they are.

Birthplace of humanity my ass.. birthplace of fucking big lipped incompetent apes sounds about right. Scourge of humanity if you ask me.

Manfred, keep it up!


4 Responses to “Classic Collision Atlanta Sickening #80”

  1. Jackie

    29. Aug, 2012

    I am furious with anger after reading about your lies on

    Madam, how dare you lie about being raped.

    Rape =/= a 4 year relationship.

    You make every genuine rape victim look like crap by posting this shit. You are a troll that has no life outside golddigging rich men who never even touched you

    Sincenerly Fuck you.

  2. Terri

    29. Aug, 2012

    Engrid, you disgust me.

    You lied about being raped, you lied about what manfred said to you. you’re probably lied about the racist posts too.

    You wouldn’t know what rape was if someone cock slapped you upside the head with a gigantic shit covered dildo and forced it in.

    On behalf of the Atlanta rape victims association I have to let you know that we will be picketing you, at your place of work for this shit next week.

  3. 8814 Whitehat"I put on my robe and wizzard hat"

    29. Aug, 2012

    Manfred? You should be addressing me you self absorbed cum rag.

    Stop running your cock holster, and address me by my name.

    Join me, and together we can dominate the 2012 political race! Whitehat / Lirette [R] 2012
    Our campaign motto can be ;

    “A sane return to jim crow laws, for a brighter America.”

    • Engrid

      21. May, 2013

      8814 Whitehat”I put on my robe and wizzard hat”
      IP Address from comment