Classic Collision Atlanta Simply Report The Facts #415

Posted on 15. May, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Why is it so hard for some people to admit when they are wrong. I am not talking  about those who are committing wrong doings and haven’t been caught yet…therefore, they are lying to everyone around them about what they are doing. I am talking about when we have accused someone of doing something…and maybe we  didn’t do it alone…or we have stopped and other people around us are continuing this behavior.

I witnessed this behavior. It made me sad. This person had been mistreated by another who was committing wrong doings. Not only were they committing wrong doings but, they lied about doing so to the faces of their accusers and to their lease holders. Come to find out, they weren’t the only ones…now and again…someone else near was chiming in. Had the initial party accepted responsibility for their behavior and corrected it…instead of being nasty to the person who discovered the wrong doings…none of this would have happened.

Maybe its easier to like the wrong doer, period. After all, they cannot accept that they’ve done wrong…and they are taking it out on everyone around them…mentally, physically and financially.

Even still, no matter how much you cannot stand the wrong doer…aren’t you supposed to accept responsibility when you have made a wrong accusation? How do you apologize to someone who has spit in your face…when they were the ones who got caught…and now they are just pissed because they cannot get away with bad behavior, any longer.

I guess the world doesn’t work that way. Its like murders pleading not guilty…what? Exactly. Another game!

BTW…this is not about me reporting Manfred for Insurance Fraud! I used to get frustrated. I could listen to the news…for about five minutes…then, I would want to turn it off. No one is going to do anything about it so why don’t they just shut up. Then, someone reminded me. The reporters’ job is to report the news. That is it. It is up to the authorities to take action. So, in regards to Manfred’s behavior…I am simply reporting the facts. What the authorities do is obviously out of my hands. If I am lying, let Manfred Kammerer sue me for slander….

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