Classic Collision Atlanta Sin Exito #319

Posted on 17. Aug, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I find it interesting that I am being called a gold digger. If I were a gold digger, I would not have worked for Manfred Kammerer. I would have been married to a wealthy man…or have been divorced and receiving alimony. If I were a gold digger, I would have made Manfred buy me gifts…and only slept with him…when I thought he was going to leave. I would have, in the meantime…made many promises…in order to keep him around…to get what I wanted. That is what users do, right Manfred!

Then I am told that I am smarter than a hooker? No, Hookers get their money up front. Hookers settle their business, before they deliver……but, I wasn’t being used for sex, right Manfred??? You care for me…and you would never lie to me….mislead me or hurt me…right. At least, that’s what you told me.

So, if I were a Gold Digger…wouldn’t I have seen that Manfred wouldn’t even buy a woman a pack of gum…unless he was forced to…and moved onto the next prospect.

Look, Mr. “Pussy can be bought all over the city”…if that were the case…why didn’t you ask me what I was willing to accept…in exchange for sex? It is because you thought you could intimidate me and you did. Why pay a woman for sex when you are giving her the opportunity to keep her job? If you can get something for nothing…you are all about it. Obviously, I wasn’t a money grubbing whore…or I wouldn’t have consensually slept wit a man who had a wife and three children…with an annual income of $65k.

That is Rape, Manfred. I didn’t want you. You cannot accept that.

I was actually feeling down and out yesterday. You now have a crew ready to bully me 24/7 on the Internet, employees and family members willing to lie in court…and the security of knowing that you will kill me./.before your wife finds out.

I spend everyday…knowing that I will be dead…within a few years.

People may have to do as they are told as an employee. Not everyone will lie. I am counting on it.

You think that it is funny to destroy people…because they have stood up to you. You think that it is funny to continue to do this to others…because you have gotten away with this for years.

You are the face of revenge. There is nothing pretty about revenge. There is nothing pretty about you.

Why in the Hell do you believe that you have the right to seek revenge, on me…when you are the criminal!!!!

Keep trying to convince yourself that you didn’t rape me, Manfred. The public smells B.S. No one, with a bank account…such as yours…would have allowed me to write about him/her being a rapist…much less having done the things that I have done…for two consecutive years.

Nice try…sin éxito!

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