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Moving on. I have had this conversation…with even more people now! Is the actual act, itself, the hardest…or the recovery?

I think that I am doing well…considering that its only been two and a half years…since I got the Hell away from that MONSTER!

What do people do?….I mean, the ones that don’t come out? How do they function, in everyday life?

Do you know that there are women…that have been raped…that don’t even tell their spouses? Can you imagine? How do you just flip a switch…just like that?

Now that I am sober…for nearly ten years…I can’t imagine dealing with anything horrific…and not exploding!

I am no longer exhibiting the outward symptoms, like I used to! The other day, during my physical exam…for disability…I began to cry…and I couldn’t stop. Telling the doctor…that it was a relief….was odd. I love crying…when necessary. Why would anyone want to hold that in? The doctor asked if I had informed the police….Ha! Ha! What a fucking joke! I told them how helpful the police were!

I am glad I did. People need to see what happens to RAPE victims, after the fact. Who gets to see that?

I think that the media needs to cover more of this. That is why I have decided to inform others…not of what Manfred Kammerer did to me…..its all out there for the WORLD to see. I want people to see….that this doesn’t go away…just because its not out in the open, anymore.

Rape is sick and disgusting…and I think that there should me more emphasis on the Rapist…so that the victims don’t carry around all of the garbage. The more we expose them…the more we help ourselves. Most of our lives have been ruined….in one way or another. I think that the ones who aren’t ruined by it…haven’t really dealt with it…

I’m hoping that…maybe…just maybe…some women out there have a  good, strong family backgrounds and values….and have an amazing ability to heal, cope and press on.

So, this is for all of the women who will NEVER be normal again!

Manfred, I can keep saying the same shit…10,000 different more ways…for 10,000 different more days!

You should have read the Warning Label….that was tattooed all over my fucking forehead, you piece of shit!

Pardon my French…but, I’m not keeping this crap in my system. Who in the Hell, at the age of 41..has back pain, so bad…that they feel they should go to bed…at 3p.m. in the afternoon? I do. Thanks again….Dirt bag!

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