Classic Collision Atlanta Sprueche 28:22 #292

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So, Manfred…did you have your attorney ask me if I would take $50k…then $1ml, to see if I was after money?

First of all, married men should not be having sexual relations with other women. Second of all, if a married man does have sex with a woman, other than his wife…he should compensate her. You don’t screw for free. Everything you do is motivated by financial gain….and all you know how to do is screw people.

Wow, you are supposed to be compensated when you are doing the using…and being used…and everyone else deserves NOTHING!

I was asleep by 6:00 p.m., last night. This morning, when I got out of bed….by the time I had been standing for 30 minutes…I had to sit back down…take pain medication and put on my Hwave.

That’s O.K., don’t worry about taking responsibility for the mental and physical damage that you have caused me…let the tax payers do it…and I’m going to allow your wife and God to tear you to shreds.

Oh…man…I thought I was bad…the two of them, together…much less, either of them, alone…..

Whether a man cares about the other woman or not, he is using her. Oh, I forgot…the only married men that screw around, that are scumbags….include everyone but the man doing it himself?!?!?!?!?!?

Do you think that its fair that your wife receives $25-30k per month….and another female is supposed to screw you for free? ….That is because you have to delude yourself into thinking other women want you. That way, you don’t have to accept the fact that you have force yourself on women. There is no way in Hell, that I would have signed for this!

I told you…when you began coming onto me…that I could not afford to sleep with married men, anymore.

When I stopped using illegal drugs, God told me…that if I ever touched street drugs, again…that I would die. He didn’t have to tell me twice.

After I informed you about Yancey…God was telling me that he had been in my life for a reason…to see the havoc and chaos that an affair, with a married man can cause. It wasn’t like other situations that I had been in. At work, I was forced to live with the consequences.

I told you NO….over…and over…and over…at least twelve times. Even if you had come to me and told me that you weren’t getting what you needed at home…and you would compensate me for sex…I would have said no. I told you that it might kill me and it nearly did.

It was is if I had been hanging from the edge of a volcano…about to fall in…and I managed to crawl from one interior edge of the volcano… the exterior. I caught my breath…and sat down on the right side of the volcano…..and eventually stood up…gained my balance…and was going to walk down the mountain. You came charging up the side of the volcano…using what you had on me…to force me back onto the edge of the volcano…where I holding onto its interior edge, once again…

I spent those next four years…trying not to fall into the fire…that I had managed not to burn in…while dancing over it….for 17 years….like the pit of Hell.

Manfred, if I was financially motivated….I would be living in a house…in your neighborhood…not because I would have to marry into money…I could have been where you are…in my career. A lot of things got in my way and I screwed everything up. I am thankful. I was a jerk. I would be as awful of a person…as you are…had I been motivated by money. Then again, I have had many, many men…who are very wealthy,  that have offered to take care of me…why didn’t I marry any of them…if I am a money grubbing whore?

You are just pissed. You got caught and you will pay for what you have done.

Manfred, if I was looking for a man to take care of me…I wouldn’t have picked you. Initially, you were gross to me…and I was right, all along. You arte simply a con man who can convince people that you are…whatever they need you to be….You are truly disgusting!

This is far from over…you are planning something so evil. Un fortunately, what it will cost to buy the silence of those who have participated…will far outweigh what it would cost you…if you would just do the right thing.

You are motivated by revenge and greed. I am motivated by getting this crap out of my system. If you don’t like it…you should have left me alone…or, you can sue me….what will be the excuse, today?

I kept telling everyone that this will be in the media…and when it comes to me getting killed…you damned right..

I will make sure that the world sees you for who you are. All of that racist crap is going to bite your head off! Atlanta will want nothing to do with you!

You are to not going to get away with what you have done…with what you are doing…and what you have planned for me…

Would you like to know what irritates people, about me, most?…



You don’t like what is coming out of my mouth because, you didn’t pay attention to me…as a person…before you proceeded to rape me. Had you been had paying attention…you would have seen that I don’t think that anything about your behavior…towards other, is acceptable. I did not have anything to offer, a male, who had no use for me…other than what he could get out of me.

If you cannot offer the other person, what they need….in any type of relationship…you should leave them alone. I had been to the rodeo…MANY, MANY times…by the time you started your nonsense. I did not need to sleep with married men, anymore…and I sure as Hell was not going to sleep with any of them, again…unless I was going to make sure I got what I needed and wanted out of it.

Doing stupid stuff when you’re young is expected…fucking a man, worth over $100ml , for free…when you are older….NOT HERE!


Keep ignoring what God is telling you to do…and see where it gets you! God doesn’t care about your possessions and they will not get you into Heaven…and the wrong side of dirt isn’t very far off, for you!

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