Classic Collision Atlanta SSDDWC #205

Posted on 30. Oct, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Wow, its been seven years now!…and you know what they say about the number seven…it comes after six and just before eight!

This is going to be an amazing year! God blessed me with more wonderful people, at the end of last year…I begin volunteering with rape victims…the rest I haven’t figured out yet!

I am most grateful for….the event which forced me to God…once and for all. We say that we believe…we can behave as if we believe…only God knows what is in our hearts.

He knows that maybe we came home on time…as everyone else saw…but, he also knows about the extra drinks, extra snorts, sneaking over to the strip club at lunchtime…the things we thought that no one else saw us do….

The biggest test of all has been accepting the fact that I would rather be placed in front of a firing squad an nooked vs. thinking I might get away with something that no one else saw. Lets face it…the best sex we’ll all ever have is a good mind —-! That’ll taer you’re a– up quicker than any piece of tail!

I just had a situation where I was going to tear into Manfred and someone else’s hides but, the thought of what it might  do to someone else…God told me that they have been through enough. The fact that I even considered it, continuously…for thirty minutes was brutal! Once I figured out that the timing was off…what was the point in arguing with myself.

I could have posted this information and it would have been like the good old days where I used to barbecue his ass, daily.

Every time Manfred does anything against me, I get blessed…and it just chaps his hide…and one day…God is going to tell me that I cannot attack him any longer…and God will turn my words against me.

There is so much that I have not figured out yet. Being sick for a week just made me think that I hated Manfred again and I had no idea of what was next in my life. Fiddle Stix!

God has my back…and the Devil has Manfred’s….and thank you Jesus that you will be the one calling in your favors on me…and not him.

I don’t have a lot but, look at what I did with everything when I did have an over abundance…and lets face it…I don’t really want for anything in this lifetime. There are crosses I have to bare but, I accept that. What may have not been a part of Gods plan, in my eyes, actually is….

I’m grateful that I’m not angry at God for what happened to me. I’m grateful that he gave me what he did. Lets face it…I haven’t always used what he’s given to me wisely but….Now, Now, Now…I get to become that person he had in mind…A LONG TIME AGO!…Gees, I had no clue!

Its going to be difficult trying to explain to women why the Manfreds of the world are only going to multiply, become more aggressive and continue to get away with it…but, the beauty of it will be…I’ve been there…and maybe I will be able to help someone lead a productive life.

After all, people like Manfred are just sick. If I can make it, anyone can….or t least I’m gonna die trying!

Just think Manfred…you raped me…mentally abused me and used me as your personal sperm bank for four years…threatened my life…are the main contributor to my physical disability….you’ve paid people to mentally torture me and smear my name all over the Internet, when you are the crook and the criminal (remember, we wouldn’t be here had you kept it in your pants!)….and I feel sorry for you!


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