Classic Collision Atlanta Starting Point #447

Posted on 14. Apr, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


When I do something wrong, currently….I tell God that I know that what I am doing is wrong. I don’t feel as if I have any other choice and I understand that I will suffer the consequences. I just want to get it over with…and I pray that I am the one that will suffer the consequences, not anyone else. How is that possible?

I went to Buckhead Church, again, yesterday. Andy was talking about washing away sin. Why is it so hard to ask for forgiveness…be forgiven…then, let it go? Some things can be forgotten, instantly…and some, we can never seem to let go of. I want to remember things and the pain I caused…so I don’t do them again.

It is so awesome for me…to have lived in an era…that has produced so many great Christian speakers. I remember going to church, as a child…and everything seemed to be spoken in a language that I couldn’t understand. That was so frustrating….especially now that I know what I was missing! Now, its like they are speaking my language! Awesome…because its like the greatest gift I will ever receive. Frustrating because I have so much catching up to do! Good thing I like this kind of change, right!

I would like to encourage…everyone reading this…to check out the series, “Starting Point.”

I think that its important to be able to laugh, as much as you cry…when you are listening to God, through the ones he has chosen. I understand that his congregation is now the second largest, next to Joel Osteen. Too bad that everyone cant be locked in a room…and forced to listen to these men and women…until they are cured. Most of them will you….we all feel convicted in church…..Many times, the moment we leave…we’re right back to who we were when we entered….

Do the tests ever stop coming?

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