Classic Collision Atlanta Symptoms vs. Side Effects #414

Posted on 16. May, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Finish things you start, no matter how painful they may be. Chances are, it took time for you to land where you are…its going to take time to correct your circumstances.

It is so irritating…people spend a total of five minutes with you….out of your 42 years on Earth….. assume what might be the problem ….and here comes the Pop Diagnosis. Stop guessing. Some of the remedies out there are more disgusting and painful than the sickness, itself! I can’t wait for some of these people to get a taste of what they have been serving. The first thing out of  someone’s mouth should be….“No Cure happens instantaneously, unless it’s a gift from God! Otherwise, you have to make a commitment or you may become one.“ Then again, if people told us that there was no quick fixes, would anyone be interested? And God forbid that a doctor choose not to medicate a person!!! I hear that the drug companies pursue doctors more fiercely than Manfred peruses his victims. They make buzzards on a carcass look like Little Bo Peep and her sheep!

I know someone that was placed on two different medications….she has headaches so bad that it has become unbearable! She has lost 30 lbs., in just over a month. Her doctor told her that she need to stay on this medication for a year. How in the Hell is a person supposed to function? What is worse…what you had before…or the new side effects?

I will say this, if your doctor doesn’t describe what’s going on with you, as if it was written on your forehead…RUN! There are many people who would love to become great chefs but, they can’t cook. Imagine someone experimenting with your mental health, using medication….much like a chef would ingredients in a dish they are preparing. They will all tell you that its not an exact science…they’re experimenting.

I will say this…when someone finally reads the writing on the wall the way it is written….and they aren’t taking a shot in the dark….

When  you know what you are dealing with, you can just about conquer anything!

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