Classic Collision Atlanta TC #69

Posted on 07. Mar, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I would love to sit and talk about what a PIECE OF WORK MANFRED KAMMERER IS today but, I have more pressing issues at hand. If you would like to know how horrible he is…read posts #65 & #68 or turn to the person next to you…and ask them if they have ever heard anything decent about him…if they even know who is he!

I woke up this morning to discover an email that had come thru to my phone last evening. It was from a friend of mine…one of my very best friends…one that I have known for over twenty years…the kind of friend who is ALWAYS THERE FOR ME WHEN I HAVE NEEDED HIM..THE KIND OF FRIEND I DID NOT ALWAYS DESERVE BECAUSE, MOST OF MY LIFE HAS ALWAYS BEEN SO TURMULTUOS THAT I DON’T KNOW THAT I COULD HAVE PUT UP WITH ME. This man is a man in every sense of the word…and a friend in every sense of the word. I am so very honored to have him in my life.

His son was in a motorcycle accident yesterday and broke both of his arms. Please pray for his recovery. I cannot imagine what he is going through at this moment but, I thank God that…as my friend said…that his son does not have a broken neck.

I would like for everyone who is reading my site, to take a moment and pray for this young man’s speedy recovery. He is young and will probably bounce back…as if any of this never happened….remember what that was like!?!?!   Yep, I think that my friend and I were about the same age, as his son is, when we met…BLURRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Gene Loves Jezebel, baby!

Nevertheless, right now, it is very tragic.

I love you SWEETHEART. You, mini you and the Mrs. Are in my prayers!

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  1. WhitehatMobile

    28. Aug, 2012

    Fuck his son.

    One things for sure, he can’t jack off with broken arms. I guess you’ll have to go help him out Engrid.

    • Engrid

      21. May, 2013

      IP Address from comment