Classic Collision Atlanta TCIT #272

Posted on 27. Sep, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Upon my decision…I have been in so much pain. Hopefully, this will allow me to move forward. It will allow me to say that I did everything that I was supposed to do….on my own.

Some of us have attorneys in our back pockets…and have probably spent absurd amounts of money…trying to torture me…under the radar….so that I might quit…so that they may not have to do the right thing, once again…handle things in a legal manner…which I’m not so sure Manfred knows what legal means…

I think that it is really disgusting that you used one of your employees to bully me…then fired him…just like I said! Manfred will use you up and spit you out. Although you both have dirt on one another…what will you do when he threatens you…when you call in your favor…there’s nothing you can do.

BTW, Manfred….this site will remain alive until November. The site that you encouraged the bullies to build has cost me income. THE FIRST TWO POSTS APPEAR TO HAVE THE FEEL OF A FEMALE WHO CANNOT ACCEPT THE FACT THAT HER HUSBAND CHEATED ON HER, WILLINGLY…and the rest are my posts, you all just switched the names. Remember, the longer this site remains on the Internet…your wife very well may be introduced to it.

Isn’t it sad…everyone knows…yet, no one will tell her. Just like when everyone at Classic knew and no one told me what my rights were. Manfred, you’re just —-ing people all over the place, aren’t you!

I don’t think that this is funny. I think that it is sad. I still say that you are not dead because…God doesn’t want you and Satan is scared that you will steal his job….

I have no empathy or compassion for you…you’d only find a way to use it against me..

No, you get over it! I’m one of the fortunate ones…fortunate enough to have been raped by a coward!…one who had the balls to rape me in hiding…yet, refuses to do it out in the open!

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