Classic Collision Atlanta Thanks Elvis! #219

Posted on 19. Nov, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Today I prayed with Elvis. It was great!

I’d mentioned sitting at a table of survivors, yesterday….today, I had a lovely conversation, with an Elvis impersonator’s manager. He was born with lung cancer. After hearing what he has survived, I realize why I had really been brought to this convention. I thought I was here to assist my friend at his booth. I had been here to hear all of the testimonies that I have heard.

Recently, I have felt like there has been a shadow  cast over me…like I realize that God exists….but, I do not feel his presence. I am going through the motions…but, I am only experiencing highs of the flesh. That is a horrible place to be.

Well…it just so happens…that Elvis’s manager told me that he is also a Minister! Wowee!

I shared my past and present with him…I cried my eyes out and we prayed.

He had mentioned to me that they were all discussing my presence, at the show…how I have such an amazing personality, a beautiful spirit and that people are drawn to me….and that is so obvious to everyone but me.

I met two more amazing men today…and yet, another survivor.

Keep slinging that crap at me, Satan…God has my back…and so help me…the Manfreds in MY life…will only be a thing of the past!

Elvis…your performance tonight was Stellar!

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