Classic Collision Atlanta The Box, Continued #258

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After I had opened the box, I only spent a few moments reflecting on the reasons I had purchased the items in it.

When a person treats you better than anyone of the opposite sex has ever treated you…and you abuse them…there’s only one thing to look forward to in life…

And that is the misery of a male like Manfred.

I realized something this morning…even though this person did not treat me properly…I’m still going to keep being who I am.

You have choices in life. If someone comes along and you are not ready to treat the way they deserve to be treated…and you choose to stay with them because you need someone to make you feel good…Good Luck with that! Most of us know when we are doing something wrong…and unless we are sick, there is no excuse for our behavior…although that will still come back to haunt you too! Unfortunately…some people know that they are sick and continue to feed their needs…they just deny everything! It is so hard to be sick and do the right thing but, its possible. I think you have to be a decent Human Being and care about the welfare of others more than you care about yourself…or you have to be able to justify what you are doing…maybe your behavior is protecting others.

I pray to God that this person straightens their life out. It appears that they usually do all of the giving and are used to being used…as they used me. Been there, done that! Sometimes, out of desperation.…we just want someone to save us from ourselves…and to protect us from the life that we have landed and created.

Just be careful…if you do not break the cycle…you will land in the hands of someone who will disguise themselves to be whatever it is that they think you need them to be…not to love and to protect you…just to finish you off…ISNT THAT RIGHT, MANFRED!

The box that I mailed six months ago was sent with love…that package came back to me, the other day…after all of the trials and tribulations of recovery…only for me to repack those items…to be given to two young men who could very well turn out like the man that I mailed them to originally…due to their horrible excuses for parents…but, with the love and support that they are receiving now…they may have a better chance in life.

Just because I ditched the guy…doesn’t mean he went away. Six months later, he arrived …once again..

But, this time…I’m going to take the bad and turn it into good!

Remember…Usury is Usury.

I tell everyone what I have been through, when I meet them. If a person is stupid enough to use me…after what I have told them…because they were only paying attention to what they want from me……I can’t control what they may or may not do…only the other person knows their true motives.

I can tell you this…waking up, months later, to what I told you on day one…cannot be the type of surprise anyone may appreciate!

In the meantime…I’m going to continue to work on getting better…and I am going to continue to treat everyone the same…unless they treat me otherwise…then I will kindly direct them to’s_box


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