Classic Collision Atlanta The Dream Changed #384

Posted on 15. Jun, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


This time he didn’t resist me, the way he normally does. In real life, he avoided me for nearly 10 years. Then, he professed that he’d been in love with me, ever since the day we met…

They all run, don’t they! Then, in return, we run….causing havoc and emotional dysfunction…whoever we go! Why happen upon the most incredible thing you have ever encountered, then run? Its not like it almost happened…then, he ran.. That would be understandable! Its presence was the greatest present he had ever known! The absence of that present caused his demise!  Yep, you cant live without love!

Usually he avoided me. This time, his avoidance only lasted mid stream…

We picked up right where we left off…and this time he stayed….not for five minutes, for good!

There is something that he mentioned in the dream. When men mention this….its serious. It means that they are really paying attention to you. Sorry, I’m not giving Manfred tips on how to successfully molest more women.

I can’t tell you how many times I have dreamt of him. He made a decision to come back to me, then he died. He lived over four years past what the doctor had diagnosed. It OK. He stayed around  long enough to land in Heaven. God needed that much time.

Why are they so stubborn?

Why, after eight years…did he finally stay? He didn’t run. That concerns me.

What does it mean…when you have the same dream for eight years…then, out of the blue…it changes midstream????

I think that dreams are supposed to tell us something. But, exactly what is it?

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