Classic Collision Atlanta The Green River Killer #74

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I just had a funky thought. I kept thinking about the movie “The Green River Killer.” I don’t know if any of you are familiar with that story but…isn’t it interesting how some of these people get away with stuff, for what seems like forever…then, they get caught! Then, when the bodies are added up…you’re thinking…”HOW IN THE WORLD DID THAT PERSON GET AWAY WITH THAT FOR SO LONG AND NO ONE KNEW!”

I was not familiar with this individual’s body of work until I saw the movie on Lifetime. This guy was a SICKO!…which lead me to Manfred.

The movie kept portraying the tragedies of many different young girls…how these girls came from certain types of backgrounds…that they were susceptible to a certain lifestyle….they were the perfect prey to a particular kind of male…males that do not believe that these females lives were worth anything…that these females were there to serve them for one purpose, then to be discarded like trash.

Isn’t it amazing how certain people behave as if others do not deserve to lick the rubbish off of the bottom of their shoes…yet, they will not leave that person alone until they obtain sexual favors from them. Someone doesn’t deserve to breathe the same oxygen as you do but, you will share bodily fluids with them! I GUESS THAT’S PART OF WHAT MAKES THEM FEEL SUPERIOR!

ANYHOO…BACK TO THE GREEN RIVER KILLER AND MANFRED! Yes, I have the attention span of a five year old!

There was one point in the movie where the killer almost got caught…he didn’t….the cops had even interviewed him AT HIS HOME…and messed up….but, it was him

After he was finally captured, he was interviewed by a Investigator, who had been working on this case for quite sometime. I do not recall what the Investigator asked him but, the killer’s response was…“I think I’m missing something. I think I’m missing that CARING THING.”

I made my best friend watch the movie with me one day. He was viewing the movie from his kitchen, when that statement was made. I thought he was going to fall on the floor. All I kept thinking was…”Manfred has a twin!”

Would you lie to know how the killer got caught? He messed up because he looked one of his victims in the eyes. He usually took his victims from behind. The fact that he looked at her made him aware of what he was doing and he botched the murder, for the first time.

Does anyone still have their breakfast, lunch or dinner in their bellies, any longer?

I thought of this man today in the same thought as I did Manfred. I do stand corrected , however. Manfred likes looking into the eyes of his victims while he is hurting them.

People do not want to believe that there are people out there that are this horrible…and when they to get caught…they cannot begin to believe how they got away with what they did FOR SO LONG!

Manfred, you should have killed me when you had the chance. Now, I am just simply ruining your collection!


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