Classic Collision Atlanta Therapeutic #182

Posted on 22. Nov, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Today was exhilarating! Therapy was amazing! It is interesting how I encountered some of my many past addictions, before my session…like shopping! No matter how good the prices seemed, I realized…shortly after I’d find something I thought I could not live without…that the high would last about as long as it would take for me to hit the highway.

Doing the wrong thing can often times seem exciting…sometimes its not even the act itself…its seeing if we can get away with it or not. Unfortunately, those credit card bills will come in after Christmas../and who exactly is supposed to pay for all of these things that none of us really needs….but, made us feel so warm and fuzzy for five minutes.

Are we in the midst of another housing dilemma…Is this another way for the banks to keep loaning money to people that cant and wont pay it back????…see how that worked out for us! What is the difference?

Wow! I was able to avoid doing something…that used to be so easy for me to do…and God had all of the goodies…that I needed…waiting around the corner for me. I would have blown money on stuff that I do not need…and didn’t  really want…and could get for the same exact price…year round…and would have missed out on some clearance deals of a lifetime…on necessities.

All of this may sound stupid to you. I don’t really care…but, if all of us would practice a little more restraint right now…we could prevent ourselves from becoming what we’ve always despised!

Practicing what you preach is a beautiful thing…unfortunately…there are some exceptions to the rule that I am still working on…

Nevertheless…that has had its own rewards!

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