Classic Collision Atlanta There’s Something Going On! #137

Posted on 03. Jan, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I cannot believe it!!!!

The other day, I forgot to turn off the comments and pings…NOTHING!

Could it be? Could Manfred Kammerer have called off his gang of PUNKS?

Maybe he took them off of his payroll! After all…it is exactly what I have told everyone all along. He wont give his sperm bank gas money…and could care less if she were eating cat food under a bridge…but, he would sure as heck pay others to bully me!….and if my eyes were X’d out and I am lying dead on a chaise lounge, in a YouTube video…with my name on it…that I didn’t make…and I witnessed some serious racial slurs in one of the newer videos…I told you people, that is what is going to happen to me…the video was the preview to my demise.

I do not think that he has called off all of the DOGS…I think that his back is to the wall….because he has finally realized that he will have to sue me…in order to shut me down…OR…he is actually going to spend REAL MONEY, to attempt to shut me down. Real money meaning…spending more that a quarter…for a real professional to do some serious dirty work.

Either way, I better get my documents in order. There is no way in HELL…that a man who has been doing this for 1. Nearly thirty years in his business, alone. 2. Twenty? Years to others, previous to opening his business and never been busted, is ever going let this go.

So, today’s song has been wearing my head out…I didn’t exactly know why….but, after someone missed an opportunity to stick it to me…as Racist, Disgusting, Vindictive and Evil as Manfred Kammerer is…my gut tells me……

I Know There’s Something Going

Is it a good thing…that so many of the lyrics in songs ring true????

Funny, how your body tells you something is going on…and there is…
Anything in this song that may pertain to anything other than…women’s’ intuition…is not my intent. I think there’s something in the works with Manfred Kammerer, in regards to me…the quiet before the storm, perhaps! Flip Flop of the Libra…in case any of you are wondering why there is a lot of inconsistency, as to when its coming. Yo-Yo!

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