Classic Collision Atlanta They Comin Manfred #187

Posted on 17. Nov, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I will never forget the day that I was picketing and Andre 3000 was riding by…in the passenger seat of a convertible…

Today, I took a break from the Fish and listened to the Dungeon Family…they have some really sick lyrics…sick in a good way..

They have a way of using what males, like Manfred…and his bullies…use to make the feel like they are garbage…to their advantage…

BTW….how many people do you know…that make fun of them…who listen to nothing but rap music???…sounds like the people selling all of the Cds are the smart ones

Manfred, I trust that these gentlemen could care less about what you think of them….I don’t think that any of them would want anything to do with a bigot like you…and Id bet you any amount of money that Manfred would be kissing any of theses peoples asses…if they were to walk into one of his shops tomorrow…if he thought he was gonna make some money off of them!

Here’s to you Andre…this will confuse the Hell out of his sorry ass!

Thanks for putting miles of smiles on my face!


“They Comin’…”

You will find the lyrics…more than appropriate!

Here’s some shit make ya go “Hmmmm”
Have you ever wondered why the world hates you?
Maybe it’s because you is a child of God?

and so forth…


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