Classic Collision Atlanta Time and Time Again #151

Posted on 22. Dec, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


A friend and I had a conversation recently. This person knew a man that had an affair eight years ago. The man told my friend…that to this day, the lady’s husband still harasses him! I don’t get it! The woman is the one that stood at the altar and made promises to him before God…or, did the man pursue the married woman?

Time and time again, I see and hear of spouses who continue to blame the other person and not their spouse. Then again, if the spouse is wearing the other guilty party out…I cannot imagine that things are too great on the home front….regardless of who initiated it…unless someone was coerced/raped…they both participated…and they both  deserve to be chastised.

On that note, why would anyone want to reopen that can of worms. I once had a friend tell me that his best friend’s wife brought the other female’s name up…every time they fought….and that was seven years to the day that they stopped being friends.

It goes to show you…you might be miserable now…and you are thinking that this other person is going to make you feel better…after all, you probably ran to someone else to escape another’s bitching or maybe they weren’t paying enough attention to you…I bet that they are paying attention to you now! Wouldn’t it be easier to listen, fix the issues and move forward vs. listening to bitching forever!

Your partner is probably complaining for a reason….and its not to tell you to clean your ears out!

Some say…”Once a Cheater, always a Cheater!” I don’t agree. I think that people can change. I’m not doing all of the horrible things I used to…and thank God for that. Unfortunately, I am, seeing that too many people are choosing to be the same people that they always were…and when the time comes to accept responsibility for what they’ve done…throw everyone else under the bus.

If you’re gonna be a Dirtbag…be a a Dirtbag and be proud of it…

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