Classic Collision Atlanta Tirade To END #387

Posted on 12. Jun, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I just realized something, as I was revising my notes

You first said that you weren’t going to sue me because there would be no financial gain in it for you.

You essentially admitted that you don’t do anything, unless its for profit.

What about your sparkling reputation. I guess that has proven itself. You have gone around the world and back, have risked being indicted and are now dealing with a report of insurance fraud.

How in the Hell…is this the better alternative?

Eventually, people are going to stop looking at me…and they are going to start to wonder…why is it that you have allowed this to go on…if I am lying.
The amount of money that you have had to spend….on bullying me, the attorney you hired for this Internet scandal…and all of the negative publicity …

You really don’t think that you are going to get caught, do you?

If the employee…who told me that your company if committing INSURANCE FRAUD…lies to the Commissioner’s Office…I will be beside myself. If you threaten their job…if they tell you that they are not going to lie…like you did to the employee…who was told to sign a paycheck…for wages they were owed…once you found out that you couldn’t pay laborers, a salary…there will be HELL to pay. Your days of bullying are over! Do you hear me!

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