Classic Collision Atlanta To Each Is Own #323

Posted on 13. Aug, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Brokeback Mountain. I had not seen any of this movie, until yesterday morning.

I never understood all of the controversy. What’s the big deal? If a man wants to live his life with another man…isn’t it better than him living with a female…for face value…

living a lie behind her back…risking the possibility of AIDS, hello!

It amazes me….men don’t have a problem trying to force other women to constantly listen to their desire to have sex with multiple women…and women aren’t supposed to be offended. That is very offensive. Or men think that its OK to assume that you want to have sex with them because, you enjoy having sex. Yet, a man gets his panties in a wad…at the thought of another man wanting to have sex with another man. Just because men desire other men…doesn’t mean that they want to sleep with you!

People murdering others when they don’t get what they want…that was very interesting. It appeared to me that the wife got a clue, as to what was going on…and had him murdered.??? This bit about changing a tire…not with that look in her eyes! Good Lord, I hope not. I just got the impression that maybe he was going to leave the wife..and she’d rather see him dead, first?!?!? Then again…its very real, isn’t it…Manfred. You raped me. You want me dead….and you’d still be screwing me, if you had the opportunity. Is this more of a rejection thing? I didn’t want you to begin with…and I wont stop posting…so you want me dead?

It happens…someone writes a book about it…then it is made into a movie.

I think that people should allowed to live the type of lives that is best for them…as long as they aren’t hurting anyone. What two people agree to do consensually, is really no one else’s business.

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