Classic Collision Atlanta Two Hundred Six #206

Posted on 29. Oct, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Yesterday I mentioned that I had lost seven years to all of this. This mess began in in 2007. I stand corrected. See Manfred…that’s called admitting when you are wrong….you should try it sometime.

Hey, I can dream cant I!!!!!

I woke up this morning and decided that it was time to begin writing again.

What causes us to start projects and not complete them? Do some projects become too much or do we just become busy in out everyday lives and…these “Oh So Very Important/Life Shattering Events”…become trinkets on a shelf…a shelf that we will dust one day….and we will dust said items…over and over again…only to discover them again, twenty years from now…rediscover their importance, that is.

This is what got in the way of my writing…This website! Is it more important than what I was doing before? Hell YES. This is the only reason that I am still alive. Come to think of it…this website sure as heck will add some interesting pages, wont it!

So, as I have reflected on certain things…during the first four hours of my morning…I realized something. This is simply the next ingredient in my recipe.

Its extremely easy to beat yourself up, when you have lost a lot of time in your life. I think its easier to beat yourself up when you don’t accept the fact that things don’t always work out the way you plan…and even though your life has been way too exciting at times…and you really don’t want anymore….accept the fact that certain things come to you and you have to knock that shit out of the park.

I am not a baseball fan, by any means….but, there is one thing that I have learned…I will always have Manfreds trying to use me as a sperm bank….and if I have to kick them in the crotch…to get rid of them, so be it! How are they gonna explain that to their wives! I do not have to allow men to treat me like shit…and if they don’t like what is coming out of my mouth, they need to accept the fact that if I “I feel like I cant survive without a sperm donation from the…I think I am capable of informing them of this!”

This is why I have to keep writing. No matter what I would like in life…or how I feel…the majority of my life has been destroyed by bad men…and that is O.K. Just because I have lost 17 years of my life to every kind of abuse imaginable…then, six more to a Sexual Predator…if I spend all of my time and energy, trying to make progress….who knows!

Picketing for sanity turned into writing for sanity….whatever I have to do…no matter how many times I have to do it…whatever it takes, to get ME back…so be it!


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