Classic Collision Atlanta Two Steps Forward #169

Posted on 05. Dec, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Its very strange that I am just figuring out certain things, in life. I guess what is important…is that we get there. I have a tendency to beat myself for a lot. Id rather beat myself up for not screwing something up, these days…than not being cautious and totally screw up an opportunity that may only come along once in my lifetime!

I have screwed up enough on my own…and now, thanks to Manfred…..I mean, no thanks!

I was given an opportunity, the other day…I had to pass. From what I have experienced and what I have seen…Manfred will go to any lengths to hurt me. I Have to protect myself and others. The brunt of what he is doing to me is coming directly from his main hub in Buckhead!

The fact that I have to drive by Classic Collision in Buckhead, on occasion, is one thing. The fact that I no longer want to vomit…is monumental! Working that close this man…not a good idea. After seeing what this man has done to me and others.. I think that he would cause huge problems for me….Most importantly, I am not strong enough, just yet, to be around a man who goes around raping women…then telling himself that they wanted him and it was consensual!

This is no different that when Manfred raped me. I made a decision to tell Manfred that I did something that I should not have done and to fire me, if he saw fit. If I were to lose my job because of something I had done wrong, that is one thing. Manfred chose to hold my job security against me. He lead me to believe that I would no longer have a job if I did not have sex with him. Despite my fragile state, Manfred Kammerer did not care about what would happen to me, as he was warned repeatedly. He only cared about getting what he wanted.

Three paid picketers, 16 videos, two websites and God only knows how many posts…and I am supposed to believe that things would be different this time around!


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