Classic Collision Atlanta Welcome To My HELL! #393

Posted on 06. Jun, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Welcome to my HELL! Lets see how long it takes for Manfred to start threatening you. You knew that the company was committing Insurance Fraud and you did nothing. You don’t have the excuse of not knowing what the law was/is…pertaining to that. You have an attorney in you immediate family…that you spoke to, in regards to all of this mess and your resignation letter! Isn’t that attorney, required….by law to inform you to report FRAUD !!!!!

Gee, I wonder if that letter was stored at Classic Collision of Chamblee, GA…in its Human Resources file…which…if I am not mistaking…is required by law?!?! I don’t know for sure but, I bet you could ask…the attorney in your family!

Your name was posted on the Internet because, you are as guilty as Manfred and his son. You will be questioned…and pray…pray really hard that you will be given immunity in exchange for your testimony!

Have fun knowing that all of your phone calls and text messages will be heard and read, by Manfred Kammerer…from now on. You have enough dirt on him to shut his entire business down. He will want to keep close tabs on you!

Like you said….Manfred always has an ulterior motive…if he starts being very nice to you… may wish to compose your will, also.

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