Classic Collision Atlanta What a Woman #166

Posted on 08. Dec, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I overheard a program the other day There was a woman on the program who used to pick cotton. She is now 75 years old and quite remarkable. She mentioned several things that I never knew, about the way African Americans were treated when she was a young lady.

She had seven children. African Americans weren’t allowed to obtain birth control. More children meant more workers….

She picked cotton five days a week and was paid $15.00 a week, plus room and board with no electricity….

She had no husband. Who do you think was contributing to the expansion of her family?…

How can others, expect people that were treated this way… to be as prosperous as people who were given opportunities that they weren’t?

If a person were born into wealth…and education, refinement and wealth were a given, since day one…is it really appropriate to make fun of those who are treated as slaves and baby making machines?

This woman was so beautiful. She was attractive, well mannered, well spoken and humble.

There are so many people on this Earth that are selling their souls to the Devil…to keep up with the Joneses…and they haven’t a clue!

I’ve come a long way….still gotta long way to go. I cannot wait fore the day…that I am able to walk through any crowd, with my head held high…knowing that what has happened to me, can no longer haunt me.

This woman was raped enough times to produce seven children…was forced to work her fingers to the bone and was treated like something all whites might scrape from the bottom of their shoes.

The host of the show stated that they knew the President and many celebrities …and had never asked to take a picture with any of them…but, this host asked to take a picture with her!

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