Classic Collision Atlanta Whistle Blower #388

Posted on 11. Jun, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


As of 7/3/13, were  are worse than they ever were. What kind of life is this? We’re supposed to trust one another. I now have another person to add to my list. How is it…that a person….in a position of authority…who you are supposed to trust and open up to…is allowed to abuse their position and set you back further….in ways you could never imagine?

I will put a period at the end of this particular sentence…and move on, as quickly as possible.

Still in all…do understand…I hold Manfred Kammerer totally responsible. I would not have been in this position…had it not been for what he has done to me.

I am not mad at this other person. I just think that if you cant handle what is put in front of you….you should make it known…and leave it alone…or refer them to someone who can help them.

Just because you are in a position…that you can do something, it doesn’t mean that you should…especially when it comes to others people’s lives.

There are things that I have had to do…..that I may have never encountered…had my employer not taken the opportunity to rape me. He did. This is more gasoline on the fire. I was put into this particular situation…because others, who are in situations, similar to mine…may have not been treated properly, either…and they may not understand that they have rights too!

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