Classic Collision Atlanta Who is Manfred Paying? #146

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I have been stating that I have been very busy…to busy to tend to my site. Unlike Manfred Kammerer, I do not have $150ml..therefore, I do not have the resources to hire racist individuals…who have nothing better to do…than drink Hater Aid…and BULLY people(me) that they do not know….except one of you, who may now be the ring leader and was not given a choice. If I had the resources, I would sue Manfred. Unlike Manfred, right/wrong/indifferent, I have always been VERY upfront about who I was/what I have done…Until Manfred got his paws on me. I was so disgusted, embarrassed and ashamed. Had I chosen to be in that situation, it would have been different. I did not.

Any who,

I filed rape charges against Manfred Kammerer with DeKalb County. Nothing was done.

The police filed my charges as harassment, did nothing about all of the proof that I sent them…that Manfred Kammerer is behind all of the Bulling on the Internet, about me…posts #65 & #68, listed 4th & 5th on my site….which should have been Intimidating a Rape Victim.

The police sent me the wrong letter stating that my case was not closed, after they closed it.

The correct letter showed up on the cover of an Internet website that was built about me.

I was told by a Detective, Sergeant and a Lieutenant that the letter was not a matter of public records. Yet, Internal Affairs said that a copy of the letter could be obtained in public records.

Either way, I was told by Internal Affairs that if I were to publish any of their correspondence to me…that I could be prosecuted. Why haven’t they bothered to look into this?

The document above proves that the site, which was shut down…shortly after I began calling the DeKalb county police on 8/29/12..does exist.

The letter was taken out of the mail on 8/27/12 at 5:36p.m.. The site was established on 7:41p.m.. I did not open the letter until the following day and did not discover the comment on my post until 8/29/12..the same night that it was shut down. Gee..more proof that my phone is tapped! Manfred, your wife must be so proud!

Manfred, someone leaked a copy of this letter to you from the DeKalb County Police Department or the letter is a matter of public records and someone illegally posted it and the DeKalb County Police will not investigate it but, they will prosecute me for posting it. Either way…has your name written all over it

There is no way in Hell that the person that retrieved that mail would give you a copy of the letter.

You were turned into the USPI and a complaint will be filed with the OIG. Do I think that you might pay a postal carrier to commit mail fraud? Absolutely!…I don’t think that is what happened.

Keep making videos about me and setting up websites…using my material that you have altered, CROOK! That is what you do best.

All the while…all of the people of Atlanta…especially the WELL TO DO….that you so desperately wish to impress ….not the hoodlums you are paying to bully me…are listening to YOUR voicemails.

That’s right…even though you don’t have any friends…I think that your family members do!…any each and everyday…one of them either sees/hears it firsthand…or they hear about it from someone who has seen this and listened to your voicemails and they are talking about you your back…and just thinking…”GUILTY!”

You have had the resources to stop this since I started passing out fliers in May 2011. Oh…let me guess…you have compassion and just don’t want to hurt me. ….You are the spawn of Satan and that is all you know how to do.

Manfred Kammerer, I have told you…Until you do right by me…

Isn’t it interesting…I am disabled…live below the poverty level and do not know where my next meal is coming from…yet, if someone offered me a billion dollars, to be you, I would say “NO”…

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