Classic Collision Atlanta Who’s Flaky? #196

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There are high fives on the last day of every months, when the numbers come in…

There is a “Look At Me, Look At Me!” mentality….at the end of every year….when your company nets $36ml, give or take…

Did any of your employees receive a Christmas bonus this year?

Was a Christmas party given that was not paid for by a vendor?

Did they receive a lump of coal? ..Wait, they was a REALLY STUPID question. Coal is worth money.

I know…all that make it possible are worth nothing…that’s why you hoard it all for yourself…you like to take credit for everything…especially the things you weren’t even aware of

Nothing given, everything taken…all for me and nothing for you.

O.K., That’s all I am allowed today. Not going to waste another second on Ebenezer Scrooge today.

I pray that I am wrong…unfortunately, if I was a betting woman…I could have profited from this unfortunate situation myself.



O.K….so its not fair to write about gloom and doom everyday and pick on Big Daddy Dirt Pile….So, I will share something with you. Manfred will not find it humorous…only because he wouldn’t understand the concept of gift giving, to begin with…much less the concept of what happened to me on Christmas morning.

The children opened their gifts…we watched. Then, I was given my gift…knowing that I had been previously warned! I was warned that I had better love my gift. I usually receive amazing gifts but, last year…I exchanged my gift…which is dangerous…I have had just about everything there is to have and understand that shopping…more often times that not, for me…is dangerous! It is a waste of time and there are too many choices. We don’t need most of what is out there and it is too easy to forget that…and we’re not always shopping logically. You can be extravagant, all day long…just pick something that is going to be worn and does not require a new outfit!…something that will stand the test of time…and that you really like! So yes…I am a pain in the ass to shop for but…is it more offensive that a person ends up exchanging your gift or more offensive if the person who purchased the gift never sees you wearing it!!!!!!

There we were. All eyes were on me. I opened the box…and to no avail…I had to inform the person that they had already purchase the same gift for me. Yes, we thought it was last year…but, it was the year before that!

Ten hours later and countless trips to the department stores…only for this person to feel like they were a major disappointment to me!

That’s why I stopped doing “Xmas”..a long time ago, I try to do things for loved ones year round….and digging a financial ditch…been there, done that…way too many times!

This person needs to know something. They have done more for me than I could have ever dreamt of, in life. When we met…God had a plan. He had a plan for this man to show me…and for me to show him…that we deserve everything that he had in mind when he created man and woman. We are teaching one another that it is O.K. become better people, despite our pasts…and that somehow, someway…we have to stand by one another and lift one another up….and someday…all of this will be a distant memory…..

He has given me more than all of the men I have known, combined…and I told him not to buy me anything for Christmas because does way too much for me already…says the female who does the same!

Males like Manfred don’t understand that Men can friends with women…they can treat them with respect…they can be MEN and admit when they are wrong and they can become better men…and they can become MEN in the eyes of the female standing before them…especially when they have been their support on a daily basis…having watched what actions of predators can do to females.

Its easy to rape a woman and walk away. Its not easy to live with the consequences. I think that watching it made my friend a better man. Manfred’s actions are repulsive…the consequences to his victims are devastating.

I thank you for my gift…the second time around…but, I realized something, this year…as I was sitting in a room full of people that I loved more than anyone could imagine, and only one of them being a blood relative….

There are some really wonderful people in this world.

Don’t beat yourself up too hard…you are a blessing to me daily….my little jewelry gigolo….start taking notes, will you!

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