Classic Collision Atlanta Whose Life Is More Relevant #425

Posted on 05. May, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Spa weekend that my sister had purchased. Wasn’t very interested. Cancelled package. Ended up at some mall with one of the females who was at the spa. Happened upon a cutting contest .Lead to a walk in the woods. I jumped over a ravine, turned around. The two men we were with got smashed by a tree. One man on top of the other. The female was left for dead under the second male. Check it out. The male was Peter Fonda. It was so weird. I was chasing after him…begging him to help me rescue the female. She was out of it and her body was stuck under the tree. His response to me was.. “She didn’t help me. All she kept doing was moving around and trying to get herself out.”

Hello, this woman was smashed under a tree and two men. Of course I went back to help her. Maybe I just couldn’t understand how a celebrity could allow someone to die like that.

I see what this is about. I have been disgusted this last week with people who are obsessed with appearance. Well, a lot of people appear to be a lot of things.

I’ve had to take a few people to the baseball game, here lately…and knock them out of the park. Its kind of funny. Everyone chooses to look at me like I’m crazy and they can. I have been wide open about everything. Lately, I have settled down. I have my reasons. But, I am finding out that people are scared of me…not because of what I’m doing. It is because of what they are doing. Gee, everyone knows pretty much… what I have done. Are they more concerned about what will be exposed about their lives when this hit’s the fan? I think so. So, keep doing what you are doing. Trust me on this one…God busts our asses daily! It will become public, in due time. The best thing for me to do is…do what I have to do…to survive…and continue to do what I am supposed to do.

And…BTW…if you are worried about how things look…you have a problem. I find that people put in the extra effort to look like the all American….who may own his own business, is in upper management, has a nice home(s), has sever vehicles, wears the latest fashions, all the latest and greatest technology…why…because they are trying to church everything up……

Stay the hell away from me. I don’t want any of what you are selling. Go sell who you think you are and who you think I want you to be…to someone else..

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