Classic Collision Atlanta Why Ya Gotta Lie? #424

Posted on 06. May, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Why is it…that you could walk into A BUSINESS, tell a male everything you want and need in a product…tell him what you are willing to pay for it…and take it home, right now…but, he still feels like he has to sell you something.

Is it that they have to convince themselves that they did you a favor? Is it that they had to convince themselves that they saved your life with what they did for you…even though they really didn’t do anything? Is it that ego thing, again?

I told my Therapist, the other day…I could walk into a dealership…hand a salesman $25k…..point to the car that I want and tell him that I want to take it home now. Why is it…that he would have to walk back to the other salesmen…after I had gone…and tell this outrageous lie? I can picture it now. He would convince everyone that when I came in, I didn’t have 25cents in my pocket. He not only convinced me that I needed a new car but, he also convinced me to go down the street and rob a bank so that I could pay for it in cash.

End all end all, he’ll probably tell his “buddies” that I was begging to take him home with me…and as the grand finale….I only came into the dealership to use the restroom! He will have convinced himself and his buddies…that he reinvented the wheel! What?!%^#@&

You all know I’m telling the truth.


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