Classic Collision Atlanta Workplace Wars #157

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I have decided to post various comments that I have found on the Internet. Reading these comments may help some of you. They are comments regarding bullying in the workplace. The more I know…the more I grow! It is sad when people who are educated use it as a means of abusing others. I thought that the more knowledge you had…the more tolerant and understanding you SHOULD be of others/circumstances…you don’t have to like them and you don’t have to agree with them…but, you have the ability to handle life from a different perspective.


EEOC – WHAT A JOKE. I work for a hostile, verbally abusive lawyer. He throws things, slams doors, (check my hub for more details) but I am haing a hard time. Everyone in my office told me to go to EEOC so Yesterday I went down to the Memphis EEOC office. Told them the situation, told them I tried everything with this man even to the point of apologizing when the verbal abuse got so bad….Guess what…..Since he treats EVERY PERSON THAT WORKS FOR HIM THE SAME WAY….he is protected. I told them I was scared he would get so mad (he is a hunter) he could possibly shoot me…and they said “well, then you would have a case for the police”. There is absolutely nothing that can be done. he can continue to verbally abuse me as much as he wants. He can even aim a gunat me, miss me, then say “you’re fired”. Had a panic attack yesterday and left (before he came in). I start shaking just driving into the parking garage. WHAT ON EARTH DOES ONE DO? I’m looking for another job. I HAVE to work…HAVE to pay bills….and every law firm I talk to says the same thing…”the economy is so bad there are no openings….people just aren’t moving”……I told our office manager and the manager in the Main Office I would file an internal complaint because the abuse is so bad I can’t even get my work done……EEOC Told me that to have a case he would need to supervise …say 3 people…..treat 2 of them well and then treat 1 (me) badly…..Since this is NOT the case and he treats EVERYONE this way…..They won’t even investigate. Comments? I’m doing tons of legal research trying to find some avenue other than EEOC but …… I’m female, over 40, catholic, not gay and don’t fit ANY category of EEOC discrimination. HELP!EEOC told me that even if I file an “internal” complaint….more than likely nothing will be done (even though our firm supposedly has a “zero tolerance for abusive behavior”) because this man is a money maker. His billing rate is over $400 an hour. He makes money for the firm…the firm won’t touch him…and he KNOWS IT.

catera, OKC

Miserable angry insecure immature people, that’s all they are, they’re unhappy with their own lives and want to drag others with them. I’ve had LOTS of jobs like that. When I got the job I have now, I was/am so ecstatic that my boss is my best cheerleader and so kind and patient. I am, however, dealing with a co-worker that has issues and thinks the only way to get things done is to be hateful, but that will resolve itself; she works for the company next door in the same building and the company is in the process of closing. The best thing? Don’t let them see that they get under your skin. You will be an easy target. I still don’t understand why people bring their selfish, immature, hateful, ignorant and childish attitudes to work, you’d think that when we grow up, our minds would too. It isn’t high school anymore! lol Take care, you guys, God bless.

Sue A., NY

I am working for a Technology Co. and over the years I have been having problems with a co-worker who everyone knows has a relationship with the COO. She has made my life a living hell as well as others, however, because her work affects mine, I always respond to e-mails etc. and there is always a confrontation. The issue is the COO picks up the matter and tries to belittle me. He wanted to fire me a long time ago but couldn’t touch me because the CEO knows I am a much needed employee. loyal and looks out for his best interest as well as the company. The problem is I am becoming fed up of the COO abusive e-mails. My boss the CFO and the CEO keeps calming me down indicating that they are aware of what’s happening. The CEO promised that this woman would be fired, but I guess he does not want to “rock the boat” with the COO. I have had it, but cannot quit because I am the sole provider for my family and it’s very difficult to find a job in the finance. I have kept all the e-mails and can prove he has never ever been objective in any incident with this “woman”. What advise can you provide?


I walked out of a job at a hospital here in chesterfield Mo. The office manager is a bully and incompetent in her own skills. She went out of her way to seek me out daily to humiliate me in front of others. I went to the practice doctor and reported her, nothing was done. I went to HR, nothing was done. I tried to transfer jobs, was never given another one. Everyday I could do nothing to make this person happy. I noticed the more education I received, the meaner to me she became. She would yell in your face “I’m the manager” as if you did not know that. She would take credit for your work, and loved to say things about you infront of others. They did nothing and due to stress illness I left the job I loved. I am still unemployed and this woman bad mouths me all over where ever I apply. I felt like elaine above until one day the manager needed me to fill in on phones at the busy time of day because so many called in sick. I waited packed my stuff and waived goodbye leaving her holding the bag. Her face was payment enough she knew she could no longer get to me and everyone around here who has to call her now bypasses her and calls HR’s recording. She is a rotten egg, it will come back to her. One day she will meet a bigger bully than herself and then she will have to bow and take it!

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