Classic Collision Atlanta Ya Gotta Wonder #175

Posted on 29. Nov, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


You see it in movies all of the time…injustice! I wonder…do attorneys care about what they do? How many times can you shake your head…then, try to convince yourself…once again…that that’s the way the cookie crumbles!

It seems like everything these days is all about money…once again Manfred, what is your excuse now!

The only real thing standing in the way of my suing you is funds. You can be the biggest scumbag on the planet and sue me. None of this would be happening had you kept your hands to yourself…yet, you could sue me…that’s just so messed up!

I get it…everyone needs to eat. Well, someone will be hungry enough.

The fact that someone will defend a child molester or a rapist…if the price is right…need not be my business, any longer…I need to focus on making you the Rock Star that you think you are! Public Records, Baby! Just think…then, you will officially be a legend…and not just in your own mind!

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