Classic Collision Atlanta You Shall Suffer Too! #178

Posted on 26. Nov, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Remember when you were young and your parents told you to quit worrying about what everyone else was doing…and to worry about yourself.

Why in the world would you want to stick your nose in this mess!,,,Is it because you think that Manfred cares about you and would never do anything to hurt you? Or is it because he has done everything that he said he would do? Well. The dirtier the deed…the more likely he will keep his word…and that is as long as he is getting out of you what he needs. If you are smart, you will see to it that you are paid in full, before you act.

Manfred…everything you have done to me has cost you…that is correct Alex…let us tell him what he has won….IN DUE TIME.

You thought you were gonna pull a fast one, didn’t you…your regular con….conning another receptionist into having sex with you!  Are you that desperate?

Go get yourself some therapy. Get a nose job and some transplants. You love to parade your wealth around…you want so desperately to be noticed…you wanna feel good about yourself…you have the money…go do something about that mess that causes you to hate everyone else because no one desires you.

After you correct that mess…you have a spouse…whose job it is to make you feel like a Rock Star…it is not your employees’ responsibility…especially the ones you hit on…it is so gross…barely paying females enough to starve on…while the one who is supposed to adore you struggles on a monthly allowance that is damn near equivalent to a years salary of the ones you molest.

Remember…people as important as yourself should not be screwing the help…after all, they are merely trash…you should only be having sexual intercourse with women who are worthy!

Baby, I’m back!

This only proves that time can only heal wounds. What I wrote about, above…I have written about in the past….but, it doesn’t go away over night…and although Manfred expects everyone to get over everything…while he plots his revenge…he can get over this.

If I have to do this, everyday…for the next five years…I will do so….

Life is about choices…I wasn’t given a choice in this matter….so, next time you wanna get your freak on…and strip another female of her most valuable possession…maybe you need to rape someone who it wouldn’t phase…like a female version of yourself. Oh, I forgot, you cant even sleep with yourself…you sure as Hell couldn’t handle a female who could really give you what you deserve!


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