Classic Collision Atlanta Your Number Is Up #286

Posted on 16. Sep, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


So, what are you going to do when the police connect the dots? You put up another video, the day after my meeting with _____ & ______. Really! The email that I sent to the two of them, the following morning,  was forwarded to Manfred. He then told you to get busy. What will you do if the police come and question you? This means that you are involved with those who posted the letter form the police, to me, on the Internet. The letter is regarding rape. Do you understand the repercussions of that?

You have a record. Manfred does not. Who do you think will get into trouble?

I do not trust that they will do anything. They did not handle my case properly. I have been told that Manfred has close ties with them and I believe it, especially now.

However, Manfred just proved to the world, last week…for the second time…that he is behind the Internet bullying of Engrid Lirette. He cannot control himself, when it comes to revenge. Manfred will have me hurt. He cannot handle anyone standing up to him, even though he is wrong. He, those who have bullied me and those that did not do a proper investigation will all be held responsible.

What a Media Frenzy this will be. I will bet anyone….that if things REALLY began to look scary…Manfred will be on the first plane to Germany. He hid when I was picketing, has been hiding behind bullies and he will run like the wind…with all of you holding the bag!

Manfred, you’re desperate for attention…you’re about to get it…when this is all over…you and your buddies can sit and exchange stories about how…you cant understand why your in prison/…when all you did was fuck everybody and everything you could get your hands on, all of your lives…..and how confused you all are….because you are all entitled, right!

Sooner or later, everybody gets caught!


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