Classic Collision Atlanta To Be Considered #122

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The reason I am consumed by this subject right now is, I have a male friend who is suffering from severe depression.

Why do I want to discuss my friend having depression on a site that is about Manfred Kammerer being a BIG PILE OF POOPIE?…Because I can…and because the two of them are very similar…and I know that both of them have done a lot of bad things in their lives and how difficult it is to turn that around! Although Manfred would ever come out and admit that he is —-ed up as H—….anything I can do to try and figure our why males treat women so poorly…helps me heal. Screwing others out of anything you can get can only be exciting for a short period of time.

I’m not saying that everything is the man’s fault…I am a female speaking from my experience.

I look at what is going on in today’s society…Now more than ever…even though we have discovered just about everything there is top discover…men are somewhat still expected to act like “MEN”…I do not know why…after all, if I were to be asked by another Man ask me if I’m about to start my period…when I am in a bad mood…I think I’m gonna barf! It s not like I DON’T KNOW A TON OF MEN OUT THERE THAT DO NOT ACT LIKE THEY ARE ON THEIR MENSTRUAL CYCLE 28 DAYS OUT OF THE MONTH. GOOD LORD! If women are doing everything that they did before they entered the workforce….plus what they are doing now…why aren’t we the ones running around having all of the affairs and buying sports cars.. After all, the more anyone does, the more adoration they would like to receive. Am I wrong? No, instead…a man gets to whine because he’s not getting any attention…because his wife is obviously busy…and would receive plenty attention if he was as attentive to her ego as she is expected to be to his…HELLO!

I want to know…is it that much more difficult to admit that you need help, when you are a man? If you can ask a woman to get into her pants…which is pretty freaking bold…WHY YOU CAN’T ADMIT THAT YOU ARE MESSED UP IN THE HEAD?

Men call women crazy, all of the time. In my experience, Manfred, its generally due to the way a man had treated them.

Men will go to ends of the Earth to make money but, when it comes to being happy, they are helpless!

There is nothing wrong with asking for help…Who cares what anyone else thinks? If another person laughs at you or makes you feel like less of a man because you are going to A THERAPIST…forget them. Who’s gonna have the last laugh? You will! You will be able to get your life together and be happy.

There is nothing manly about a man who lies, cheats, steals from others and cheats on his wife. In the end…you have to live with yourself…that’s where the misery comes in!

I’ve never seen a movie…where the man who behaves this way all of his life…and does nothing to change it…ends up happy. Yes, everyone seems to want all of the things that come with his life initially…but, in the end…when the man is a miserable rotten scumbag…who is inevitably going to HELL..I think that a man would want to spend a little bit of time and energy…whatever it takes not to rewrite that book And end up in its movie!


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