Classic Collision Atlanta How Selfish #176

Posted on 28. Nov, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


On three or four separate occasions, this morning, various house alarms went off! It seems to happen quite frequently these days…generally, its only one.

Should I go ahead and start my day or should I try to sleep a little while longer? After all, it took an hour for them to stop…by that time, I would only have an hour before I would have to wake up any way.

What just happened here? Not long ago…the only thing that I could think of was/is….what about the situation at hand. I wonder if the people, whose homes are being burglarized, are O.K.?

Is this what happens…you wake up one day and just don’t give a rat’s patooty…because the powers that be are helping the victims…as long as the burglar isn’t in bed with the authorities…then its O.K.?

Well, I learned something…a long time ago. When you are doing things that are wrong….you don’t have to be the criminal…you can simply be the one receiving stolen goods…your number will be called…you will be treated as the trigger man, himself.

This has been overwhelming…desensitizing! I think that I just needed a break!

How can all of these people have sat back…for this long…and let a crook like Manfred….continue to do what he has been doing….for this many years!

I may or may not get help…I will always have a voice.

Just think, Manfred…you think that everyone has a price…

Would you like to know what your price is…

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